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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

Technical Files, Charts and External Links

Technical Files & Documents

This listing provides links to a variety of digital documents (PDF format) assembled for your review.

AN - MS - NAS Visual Chart
Military fastener visual reference guide.

Fast Facts
Failure Analysis of Fasteners: Lessons Learned

Fastener Quality Act
The Fastener Quality Act (FQA) was signed into law on June 8, 1999.

Fastener Resource Guide
Fastener terminology, descriptions, details and more.

Fastener Study Guide
courtesy North American Retail Hardware Association

Fastener Tariffs
A government document detailing the different tariffs on fasteners.

Fastener Tools
A document covering the fastener basics.

Fastener Training Guide
courtesy Earnest Machine

Fundamentals of Threaded Fasteners
Fundamental information about threaded fasteners such as definition of screw thread terms, nomenclature, etc.

Galvanic Corrosion
A measure of how dissimilar metals will corrode when placed against each other in an assembly.

Holo-Krome Technical Handbook
Holo-Krome products meet your required specifications.

Installation and Maintenance of Threaded Fasteners (Nuts and Bolts)
Information about helical coil inserts, tapping of screw thread and other useful information here.

Mechanical Properties and Identification Markings for Threaded Fasteners
Information about mechanical properties and identification markings for threaded fasteners as per the ISO

Product (Dimensions and Tolerances) Standards for Threaded Fasteners
Information about product standards for industrial threaded fasteners is given in the following booklet.

Rivets and Inserts
courtesy Hanson Rivets & Supply

Thread Galling
by Mike McGuire

Technical Links

This listing provides links to a variety of external pages on different sites, assembled for your review.

AASHTO to ASTM Conversions
courtesy Portland Bolt

ASTM Specifications
courtesy Portland Bolt

Bolt Torque Chart
courtesy Portland Bolt

Bolted Joint Design
courtesy Fastenal

courtesy Fastenal

DLA Troop Support Industrial Hardware
courtesy Defense Logistics Agency

courtesy Fastenal

Fastener Identification Markings
courtesy Portland Bolt

Fastener Reference Data and Charts
courtesy Fastener Mart

Fastener Weather Models
courtesy Tropical Tidbits

courtesy Fastenal

Heat Treatment
courtesy Fastenal

High Strength Bolts
courtesy Fastenal

Hydrogen Embrittlement
courtesy fastenerdata

Locking of Threaded Fasteners
courtesy Practical Maintenance

Nut Compatibility Chart
courtesy Portland Bolt

Reuse of Fasteners
courtesy Fastenal

Screw Points
courtesy fastenerdata

Screw Thread Design
courtesy Fastenal

Spaenaur Charts & Guides
courtesy Spaenaur

Steel Hardness Conversion
courtesy Portland Bolt

Strength Requirements by Grade
courtesy Portland Bolt

Structural Bolts
courtesy Practical Maintenance

Structural Bolts
courtesy Fastenal

The Essential Guide to Blind Rivets
A deep dive into application, specific types of blind rivets, specifications, tips on working with a distributor, and much more. Courtesy Bay Supply

The Essential Guide to Lockbolts
Learn the two types of lockbolts, understand their benefits and multiple applications, as well as top brands and installation tools. Courtesy Bay Supply

Thread Pitch Chart
courtesy Portland Bolt

courtesy fastenerdata

Tightening Methods for Threaded Fasteners
courtesy Practical Maintenance

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