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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

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Worldwide Fastener is pleased to be a proud sponsor and supporter of the HONORS Program recognizing individuals for their accomplishments, and leadership skills in building, expanding, and growing the American Fastener Industry. The HONORS Program recognizes three different awards, The Fastener Person of the Year, the Fastener Legend Award, and the Multi-Line Independent Fastener Rep of the Year.

Fastener Person of the Year Award

This award is based on three major categories, Business Acumen, Business Culture and "Paying-it-Forward" Charitable work.


Pat & Dave McCurdy


Tim O'Keffee

Fastener Legend

A Fastener Legend is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. A Legend is committed to a large goal or vision, and they touch lives, they are remembered, and they are cherished because they are known for doing something extremely well.


Dr. Lou Raymond Ph.D.


Leo Coar


Martin Calfee

Multi-Line Independent Fastener Rep of the Year

Independent Multi-Line Fastener Reps are best defined as those individuals that are an outsourced provider of field sales services and an important element of marketing plans for face-to-face contact at the customer's location.


Rick Rudolph


Mike Smith, LLC

555 Lesesne Street
Daniel Island, SC 29492
(602) 793-2383

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