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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

How Fastener Companies Can Use a QR Code

These ideas are from just a little bit of brain-storming. Use your QR Code for contact information, link(s) to your website(s), videos and audio files, maps to give directional information to direct customers to your company location(s), coupons, or the opportunity for the user to win a prize. The best thing about QR Codes is your imagination is the only limiting factor.

  1. Business cards: A very inexpensive and great way to let your customers find out more about your company. This is a very basic application to use QR Codes.
  2. Packaging: All packaging; boxes (chipboard or corrugated), bags or bundles (threaded rod) and product insert cards. It is easy to purchase labels on-line with your QR Code imprinted on them.
  3. Invoices: Again attach your QR Code to your invoice with a label or rubber stamp. This gives the fastener buyer the opportunity to take the time to scan your QR Code and learn more about your company.
  4. Quotations: Add a little extra punch to your quotes and inform your customer or potential customer more about your company and its capabilities. A video QR Code here might do you wonders. Also do just the reverse, add your QR Code to your RFQs.
  5. Printed Material: Catalogs, brochures, flyers, data sheet, line cards, posters and the like. Because of the continuing growth and popularity of QR Codes today in America, I wouldn't think twice about NOT using a QR Code on printed material.
  6. Outdoor Advertising: Add your QR Code to outdoor advertising that is targeted at pedestrians. Do not add your QR Code to large billboards as this is unsafe for drivers.
  7. Building exterior: Add your QR Code to your building at the front door, the entrance to your will-call counter, the company signs and the freight doors.
  8. Company vehicles: Salesman's cars (w/magnetic sign) and for sure your delivery trucks. What better and inexpensive way to promote your company to your customers and better yet people (potential customers) who might scan your company truck while sitting in traffic.
  9. Press Releases: QR Codes can link your release to editorial content, videos, testimonials, reviews, phone numbers and other business options.
  10. Webpage: Don't make it redundant, but add a new feature (video) to show your company to visitors of your website.
  11. Charities: If your company supports a particular charity or fund raising event, incorporate your QR Code so attendees can learn more about your company. If it has a live or silent auction, add your QR Code on every item you donate.
  12. Mailing Pieces: If you use the U.S. mail to send out a promotional postcard or letter, use your QR Code to give greater details about the company.
  13. Advertising Specialty Items: Those coffee cups, ball point pens, mouse pads, scratch pads, calendars, water bottles and other advertising specialty items you hand out to your customers or at trade shows - add your QR Code.
  14. Trade Shows: Add a QR Code sign in your booth, so those individuals who do not stop, but what to know more about your company can scan your sign and contact you later with a little bit more knowledge about your company.
  15. Company Appreciation Parties: Place QR Codes on the coasters or napkins and use to give someone a "special gift" that scans the "lucky" winning QR Code.
  16. Print Advertising: Now, always add a QR Code to your print advertising.
  17. Promotional Coupons: If you use coupons from time to time in your business, add a QR Code and make it where the customer has to check out your QR Code (great way to use a video) to receive the value from the coupon.
  18. Classified Advertising: When using classified ads for hiring or possibly selling a specific product, add a QR Code video.
  19. Clothing: If you supply t-shirts, shirts, hats or jackets to your employees, add your QR Code. You'll be surprised how many people will check you out.
  20. Instructional QR Codes: If the particular fastener you are selling needs some instruction on "how to use" it, i.e. anchoring devices or self-drilling screws. Add a QR Code with the packaging and you will earn customer loyalty.
  21. Company Picnics: The use of a QR Code (video) to describe your company with a message from the owner or president will give spouses or others a better understanding what your company distributes or manufacturers.
  22. Public Transportation: If your employees or customers use public transportation (buses, subways, ferries or trains) to go to and from work, a QR Code will make the employees proud and be informative to your customer. Scanning a QR Code makes the time go by faster.
  23. Trade Show Badges: Add your QR Code label to your badge and just see how many other attendees will scan your badge for information on your company.
  24. Contests: Promotional contests are fun and enjoyed by many. Make your contest involve the use of your QR Code and then present your company in a new light. You can announce the winner in another QR Code.
  25. Security Protection: QR Codes can be incorporated into your business for additional security for your employees and facilities. ID cards are a popular application for QR Codes.
  26. eBay Sales: If you participate in eBay auctions, add your QR Code to better inform the buyer about your company.
  27. Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and blogs, add your QR Code. You never know who might see it and become a good account.
  28. Languages:QR Codes can be developed in any language. To link to international suppliers or customers, try a foreign language QR Code.
  29. Company Videos: A QR Code video is a great way to show customers or potential customers your company and all of its capabilities and capacity. This should be a standard requirement when using QR Codes.
  30. Sports Team Sponsors: If you sponsor local youth sports teams, add a QR Code patch to their uniform. It could be a home-run for you!
  31. Parking Lots: If your employees or visitors to your company use public parking lots get permission to add QR Codes to some of the signage. If it is your company parking lot, add your own signs and QR Codes.
  32. PayPal: Link your QR Code to online payment systems for addition impact at the time of purchase.
  33. Company Personal: Use a QR video for identifying different heads of departments like sales, marketing and purchasing. It is always a good idea to put a picture to the voice on the phone.
  34. Banner Ads: Add a QR code in your banner ads for more impact; i.e. as a Registered Supplier with
  35. Rubber Stamps: Order a self-inking rubber stamp made to print your QR Code that links to your website. You can then use it anywhere or at the appropriate time with a flat surface.
  36. Vending Machines: If you are providing vending machines in a VMI program, for sure place your QR Codes stickers on the machine so your customers can scan it and learn more about their VMI supplier., LLC

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