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Our business goal for is really quite simple...that is to provide fastener buyers with the most comprehensive website for locating sources of supply for fasteners here in the United States.

There are many ways for you to get involved! Register today and become a part of our fastener sources family.

There are many ways to find a supplier or distributor. Two of the more popular ways are by clicking on the Product Index tab (the most popular) or by clicking Trade Names tab. Once, you have clicked on the selected product; up will come potential suppliers with their website link and their supplier profile.

For Example, Socket Head Cap Screws, Alloy will show several suppliers with their website links and you just click on one or all to help you determine where to send an inquiry or purchase the fasteners required by your customers.

We continually up-date and expand the product listings. Your suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated as we build the BEST fastener sourcing website in the World.

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Product Index

This section provides a comprehensive listing of fastener products and gives you direct access to the suppliers who carry those products. Searchable by product category and filtered by product types, this product index is very simple and easy to use in locating your next supply partner.


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Supplier Listing

For an in-depth look at the Fastener Suppliers that chose to get involved with this site, look no further. They realized the value of being listed on this site and took advantage of the simple process in becoming a listed supplier. If you want to get involved, please register today, and become a part of something big!


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Distributor Listing

A comprehensive listing of Fastener Distributors, unlike anything that exists in the industry. Registered Distributors provide all of the company information you will need to make an informed decision about your upcoming fastener needs. If you want to get involved, please register today to become a part of this fastener sourcing site!


Fastener Resources

The fastener industry is very large one with so many facets, it's sometimes difficult to make an informed decision. US Fastener Sources wants to make that easier for you with a variety of resources for your review.

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Fastener Info

We've included some helpful information here to assist you in learning how to get the most out of you US Fastener membership.

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Get Involved!

Here is your opportunity to get involved with US Fastener Sources, a Premier online fastener sourcing outlet. Register today and list your company and the fasteners you provide. Become part of our affiliate banner ad program. Or, just reach out with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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