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What kind of website is Worldwide Fastener (WWFS)?
WWFS is an Informational Website for selecting sources of supply for fasteners and fastening products around the world.

What is the Internet Sales Tax Rate for advertisers?
We projected that Arizona would have a Sales Tax on Internet Sales before the SCOTUS passed the law and we had already included it in our pricing schedule.

What is the FEE for the Buyer to use
ZERO! There is NO FEE for the Fastener Buyer to use the website(s).

If I am NOT a Registered Supplier, can I still purchase the 2-for-1 Banner Ad promotion?
Yes! SIDE AD: 282px by 124px; HEADER AD: 1000px by 94px.

As an Authorized Stocking Distributor of Proprietary & Captive fasteners, can I list my company as a Supplier?
Yes! After you register as a Supplier and complete your contact information and your Supplier Profile. You can also register as a Premier Supplier and post your Part Numbers (SKUs).

How do I change my information on my Supplier Profile?
You completely control your Supplier Profile! You can change your postings as you see fit; you can add or delete items! After you register you will have a private Login and Password.

How do I contact
We like your questions and comments; be they positive or negative so we can always be improving the website. Just click on the CONTACT US tab and give us your feedback or Email: We will get back to you promptly.

How much does cost for the Supplier?
After one registers, the only cost (which we think of it as an investment) is the Annual Membership Fee ($295.00) and then a fee on how many specific Product Listings they associate their company with and if they post their company Part Numbers (SKUs). The pricing schedule is available on the website Media Kit under the Register Tab.

Some definitions of the fasteners may be misunderstood from different regions of the world. What are you doing about this?
First off, we add the second name of a fastener where possible in the Product Listing. We are also making up a Fastener Definition Guide, i.e. Acorn Nut (USA) vs. Domed Nut (Europe).

Can I locate Suppliers by their individual State?
Absolutely! YES! Just click of the Supplier Tab and click on the State.

What format is available in?
Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop computers. Our IT Manager has marching orders to always provide the latest and most up-to-date programming so we can provide our customers with the best possible service.

How often do you up-date
Best answer is Daily and that is what we do. I am constantly adding NEW Products, Tradenames and Resource Material. You the Supplier, again control your Product Listings and they are changed immediately after you click on the submit button.

How much does it cost to list my Tradenames®?
Nothing, it is FREE! Just email us your list of Tradenames® and/or Trademarks™ with a short product description and we will post them promptly along with your website address.

How many tradenames® do you have?
At the present time it is over 3,000 (from over 550 companies) and this number grows almost every day. When we get more information for Europe that number should grow substantially. At present, this is the most comprehensive listing of fastener tradenames in the world and a very good guide to help in finding a supplier for a specific trade named fastener.

What are your operating hours and what time zone are you in?
Operating Hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; 52 weeks a year. Time Zone is Mountain Standard Time UTC/GMT - 7 Hours in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

You state "Worldwide", how broad is your coverage?
At the introduction we were in 6 out of the 7 continents. We have contacts in 81 countries at this time and growing. Contacts come from my 34 years as a host for the National Industrial Fastener Show and as the Publisher/Editor of the American Fastener Journal magazine for 33 years. We are in 22 of the 24 World Time Zones, except one in the Atlantic Ocean and one in the Pacific Ocean. We are represented in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Do I have this right? I pay one time to register as a Supplier and then a monthly fee for advertising my Product Listings and/or Part Numbers along with an Annual Membership fee.
Yes! Your monthly fee and annual membership is billed automatically unless you cancel in advance. Your monthly advertising fee can vary month to month if you decide to add or delete items.

How do I pay you?
By Credit Card, Debit Card or use the option of Pay-Pal. We do NOT take cash or a check. All our billing is automatic, monthly.

As a Supplier, can I add a Specific Product when I am posting my Product Listings?
NO, but all you have to do is notify us by the CONTACT US form and we will add your product(s) ASAP so you can then post your company to the NEW Product Listing.

What Fastener Standards Organization or Fastener Associations are you affiliated with?
At the present time we are not a member of any Fastener Standard Organization or Fastener Association. That does not mean that something might not happen in the near future.

What additional Features and/or Benefits do you have planned for the future?
Oh, we have some plans for additional features which will benefit more segments of the fastener industry, but hold your horses, they will be announced at the appropriate time. It will be FUN!, interesting and of additional value for buying and selling fasteners.

What does WWFS charge for "Clicks" to the supplier's websites?
There is NO Charge for "Clicks", it is absolutely FREE! We are 180 Degrees opposite from Google's policy. Ours click will be called "Referral" clicks from the website by Google.

What is the Audio "Fastener Minute?"
A one minute audio message you want to present to your customers about your company, your products, a "special" sale, new determine what you want your message to be! It will become part of your Supplier Profile.

How do you or will you promote your websites?
Several methods, Broadcast Emails with Constant Contact, Direct Email messages, Direct Mailing pieces, Trade Magazine Editorial and Print Advertising, News Releases, Podcasts, Audio "Fastener Minutes", Interviews, Fastener & Industry Trade Shows and Fastener Association Meetings.

What is this I hear about a Replogle Piedmont Raised Relief Globe?
Let me keep that a secret for now, but it is a nice surprise!

Do you show manufacturers head markings?
YES! Under the Tradename tab. As an industry, the fasteners manufacturers need to promote their head marking more aggressively and I will post them promptly any time I learn about new ones.

What does it cost to post my inventory and prices? is an Informational Website for sourcing suppliers for fasteners, NOT a website to transact selling fasteners. You can register as a supplier and post your Part Numbers (SKUs) with any cross reference to Mil-Std. and/or DIN/ISO# with a product description.

What is your company slogan?
"NOT JUST THE BEST, THE BEST in EVERY WAY!", for sourcing fasteners worldwide!

How many companies do you have with tradenames® or trademarks™
At the present time we have over 550 companies with one or more tradenames®, trademarks™ or Head Markings. Both of these lists continue to grow on a daily bases!

Do first-in suppliers always head up the list of suppliers for a particular fastener?
NO, everything on the website is in alphabetical or numerical order for the product listings, tradenames or suppliers. Best way to be a Headliner is to complete the Supplier Profile with full details, features and benefits to doing business with your company! This Supplier Profile feature is not available on any other fastener sourcing website in the world, except right here at

Tell me more about the Resources Tab.
As a long-time supporter of fastener technology and fastener training, I want to make the Resources Tab a very valuable source of fastener technical and quality information, a tool for fastener training, a guide with fastener buying tips and a fastener "Library" for over-all fastener knowledge. Dimensional Charts, Graphs, Fastener Standards & Specifications, Quality, Certifications, Articles and the like will always be added on an ongoing bases. Check back often!

What is the additional information I can add to my Supplier Profile?
There are 14 "Informational Blocks" where you can describe and tell-us about your company. It starts off with Capabilities, then Quality Assurance, Certifications, Licensee, Patents, Equipment, Branch Locations, Markets Served, Awards, Authorized Stocking Distributors, Independent Reps, Associations & Organizations...and the BEST one, ABOUT US. Write to your heart's content about your company and more.

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