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The Right Source

RFQ Listing Benefits

Worldwide Fastener Sources has built this area of our site to help you thrive in this fastener industry. Our objective is to create an area where we can help establish industry relationships and build a fastener network that assists you in meeting your project goals. This process will help introduce you to industry partners that you can work with to meet your immediate goals while providing a lasting resource, well into the future.


  1. Build industry relationships.
  2. Increase market share.
  3. Meet your project deadlines.

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Post your RFQs online for suppliers to bid on, that will meet your delivery requirements, your quality requirements and your cost projections. Fill in as many of the blanks as you feel are needed and be exact as possible to receive greater information from a potential new supplier or an established one. To Submit an RFQ, you must be a registered RFQ member of this site. If you are already a registered Supplier, RFQ submission is part of your membership.

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Company/Reference, LLC

11305 E. Monument Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85262-4746
(602) 793-2383